change folder icon

Change Your Folder Icons

This is a great tip. You can use different different icons for your folders, instead of default folder icon.

I introduce this to Flash Drives because Flash Drive is the widest use removable device. But you can use this to your internal hard drive as well as any kind of removable storage device.

Change Folder Icon

Change folder icon: Method 1
(For internal Hard drives)
  1. Right click on the folder which you need to change the icon
    Select Properties – Customize – Change Icon…
    It will show you a default icon set from windows. If you like them select one from them, but remember they are default.
  2. If you don't like them you need to find one your self.
    To find an icon file, the best method is download from the internet.
    The file you find, extension should be .ico, as an example myicon.ico. Sometimes .ico part may hide
  3. To make your icon, the icon of your folder, click Browse…
    Select your icon
  4. Click OK to make the change

Change folder icon: Method 2
(For external Removable devices)
  1. Find an icon file
    Extension should be .ico, as an example myicon.ico . Sometimes .ico part may hide
  2. Rename it to myicon
    Full name should be myicon.ico
  3. Place the icon in the folder which you need change the icon
    This is important because when you carry your flash drive, the icon also should be in it.
  4. Open Notepad
    [Start – All Programs – Accessrious – Notepad]
  5. Copy the content in the box and paste it in to Notepad
  6. Then go to Save as…
    [File – Save as…]
  7. Type File name : desktop.ini
  8. Set Save as type: All Files (*.*)
  9. Set Encoding: Unicode
  10. Save the file to your folder
  11. Open Command Prompt
    Windows 7:
    Start – Search programs and files – Type cmd.exe – Open cmd.exe in the results
    Windows XP:
    Start – Run – Type cmd.exe – Hit Enter
  12. Check the example and type the code start with Attrib +s
    Assume flash drive letter is H: and sub folder name is Photos, which is in main folder named Collection
    Then full path should be
    (If there are spaces in the full path this may not work. Command prompt not support to file or folder names with spaces)
    Then what should type,
    Attrib +s H:\Collection\Photos
    Hit Enter
  13. Did it work?
  14. Remove your Removable device from your PC and plug in again, and check.