Change Font Color of Your Flash Drive

Change Font Color of Your Flash Drive

Change your Flash Drive files/ folders name font color.

Follow the steps one by one. You Flash Drive will Smart.

Change Font Color of Flash Drive
  1. Open Notepad
    [Start – All Programs – Accessrious – Notepad]
  2. Copy the content in the box and paste it in to Notepad
  3. The last row of the codes include the font color. Select a color from the below list and replace the code for a custom font.

    Color List

    Black  - 0x00000000
    White  - 0x00FFFFFF
    Green  - 0x0000FF00
    Blue    - 0x00FF0000
    Purple - 0x00C000C0
    Red     - 0x000000FF
    Yellow - 0x0000FFFF
    Indigo  - 0x00FFFF00
  4. Then go to “Save as…”
    [File – Save as…]
  5. Type File name : desktop.ini
  6. Set Save as type: All Files (*.*)
  7. Set Encoding: Unicode
  8. Save the file to your Flash drive
  9. To see the result, unplug the Flash Drive and plug it again
  10. Open My Computer

Did you see that?
Now you have a Smart Flash Drive with Smart files and folders

Windows 7 and Vista are not supporting to this method
Very Sorry about that...

This trick can use to,
change flash drives, change external hard disks, change SD cards, change i-pods, and also to change internal hard disk partitions font.