Insert Symbols to Flash Drive Label

Insert Symbols to Your Flash Drive Label

Insert Smart Symbols to your Flash Drive instead of Default Label.

Follow the steps one by one. You Flash Drive will Smart.

Insert Symbols to Flash Drive Label     Default Label                                     Smart Label
  1. Open Notepad
    [Start – All Programs – Accessrious – Notepad]
  2. Copy the content in the box and paste it in to Notepad
    (If you have already add a “autorun.inf” file to change your Flash Drive, open it and add “Label=SmartIcon” as its next line)
  3. Set the curser at the end of “SmartIcon”
  4. Check your keypad to ON Numlock (Numlock should be ON)
  5. Holding Alt key type number 3 using your Keyboard Number Pad and release Alt key. Did you see that, you have - a heart? Test 1 to 255. Each and every number has different characters including Keyboard keys
  6. Change your Smart Flash Drive Label as you wish (Change “SmartIcon” replacing symbols and Keyboard characters).
  7. Then go to “Save as…”
    [File – Save as…]
  8. Type File name : autorun.inf
  9. Set Save as type: All Files (*.*)
  10. Set Encoding: Unicode
  11. Save the file to your Flash drive
  12. To see the result, unplug the Flash Drive and plug it again
  13. Open My Computer

Did you see that?
Now you have a Flash Drive with a Smart Icon

Try this into your internal hard disk partitions,
You will be able to change them too. To appear the change you need to restart your PC.

This trick can use to,
change flash drives, change external hard disks, change SD cards, change i-pods, and also to change internal hard disk partitions labels.